Boutique Point G:
A redesign that makes a difference

From Sweet Treats to Sweeter Clicks: How I Revamped The Point G Website

Boutique Point G, a boutique specializing in macarons and gourmet treats, wanted to improve its online presence while maintaining certain elements of its existing brand identity.

The goal was to create a more user-friendly site with improved navigation, updated aesthetics, and optimized product pages to increase conversions.


The primary challenge was to modernize the site while preserving specific brand elements such as the background dots, color scheme and existing imagery. In addition, integrating a mega-menu with clear category navigation was a technical and design challenge. Ensuring that the redesign improved the user experience without sacrificing the essence of the brand was critical.


I implemented several key design solutions to meet the client's needs: The new homepage design uses a larger hero image, which can help make a stronger first impression on visitors; the new layout is more organized and hierarchical, which can make it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for.

In addition, the addition of CTAs throughout the site can help encourage visitors to take action, such as making a purchase.The removal of the Instagram posts section from the homepage may have been done to improve the loading speed of the website, or to focus more on the bakery's products.

Product page optimization

I meticulously redesigned the product page layout to ensure clarity and ease of selection for visitors. By optimizing the arrangement of elements, I aimed to facilitate seamless browsing and decision-making. In addition, I enhanced product descriptions and images to enrich the shopping experience and provide customers with comprehensive information to make informed purchasing decisions.

Cart page redesign

With a focus on improving efficiency, I undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the shopping cart page. My goal was to streamline the purchase process by eliminating friction points and reducing the number of steps required to complete checkout. By optimizing layout and functionality, I aimed to increase user satisfaction and promote seamless transactions.


The redesign delivered positive results in terms of increased engagement and longer user sessions on the site. In particular, conversion rates on product pages improved significantly, indicating a more compelling and effective presentation of offerings. In addition, improvements to the checkout process resulted in a significant increase in completed purchases, streamlining the buyer journey for greater efficiency. Overall, these improvements contributed to increased customer satisfaction and strengthened the boutique's brand perception in its market.


By implementing strategic design decisions, the redesigned Boutique Point G website successfully achieved its goals. The modernized aesthetic, improved navigation, and user-friendly interface create a compelling online experience that showcases the boutique's offerings while driving conversions.

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